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  1. World Voltage, Frequency and Single Phase Plug Standards


    We thought that the following detail may be of general interest. Europe and most other countries in the world use a voltage which is twice that of the US. It is between 220V and 240V,...
  2. Optimal Energies in UK - Northern Echo Article May 2008

    The following appeared in the Northern Echo in the UK on May 13th 2008, this relates to the ENCAP Project that is being run by Dr Ian MacKinnon.
  3. Replies

    Pajoohesh Sanat - Kompas Iran

    The following was published in the Iranian magazine Kompas in March 2007.
  4. CV Citra Persada Mandiri, Jakarta - Kompas

    Advertisement placed in Kompas in Indonesia 5th February 2007
  5. Worldwide Time and Date Details

    The following link will take you to time and, you can see from this link the time at pretty much all the major cities in the world at any given time. Quite useful if you're thinking of...
  6. All Nippon Lagos - Nigeria New Age

    The following article appeared in the Nigeria New Age Newspaper in August 2005.
  7. All Nippon Lagos - Nigeria Daily Sun

    The following appeared in the Nigeria Daily Sun in July 2005.
  8. Pajoohesh Sanat - Trade Publications - Iran

    The following advertisement was inserted in a number of 2006/2007 Trade Product Source magazines within Iran.
  9. Econergys Establish Themselves in Southern France

    The following short editorial appeared in the Juin 2006 edition of Diagonale, a local Colomiers, (Toulouse), newspaper.
  10. Dedicated Vehicle in Tunis for SAME

    Our Distributor in Tunisia, Societe D'Audit et de Maitrise de L'Energie, SAME, has now taken delivery of a customised delivery and engineering support vehicle for his business in Tunisia.
  11. Avoiding Premium Rate Telephone Calls

    The following link takes you to a site that will provide you with a direct alternative to using the companies premium rate telephone lines.

    This site is also useful if you only have a mobile phone...
  12. World Demographic Detail - CIA World Factbook

    The details that we have been showing from the Holt, Rinehart and Winston site are good for many general information requirements however should you want more detailed information then the CIA World...
  13. Plast Panorama Magazine, Denmark, October 2004

    This article appeared in the October 2004 Edition of Plast Panorama, Denmarks leading magazine focussed on the Injection Moulding Industry.

    Click on the link below to see the document.

  14. Hotel Sports and Leisure Magazine UK - Entry Each Issue 2005

    Leisure Sports and Leisure Magazine UK - Entry in Each Issue 2005

  15. World Demographic Detail - Holt, Rinehart & Winston

    The following link will take you to the Holt, Rinehart and Winston World Atlas which also contains general demographic and sociographic information on each of the worlds various countries. It is...
  16. Worldwide Dialling Codes including IDD and NDD Details

    The following link leads you to a web page which contains all of the International Dialing Codes as well as the IDD and NDD prefixes for each country.

    Though not always hard to find it can be...
  17. Worldwide GSM Mobile Telephone Coverage and Band Allocation

    If you are travelling overseas and want to know if your mobile telephone will work then the following link will provide you with details of the bands that are supported in each country as well as...
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